Blog and gallery of art works by Daniele Mattei

"Potrei ammaliarvi con immagini meravigliose, ma preferisco turbarvi l'anima."

"I could enchant you with delightful images, but I prefer to shock your soul."

martedì 2 aprile 2013

God's daughter. Another sketch on theme of woman in society seen as God's daughter. I kept reflecting over conditions and treatment of woman, so in these drawings we see her crucified. Sufference of woman is compared with sufference of christ. in this case, crucified from men because female. Woman so becomes the cross itself as happens also in the  earlier drawing i made. Pencil on paper.

sabato 30 marzo 2013

God's daughter- Study - pencil on paper

Reflecting about Easter, Christ passion and condition of female in the world and our society , a condition mosty of submission, abuse and pain, i started to draw these new sketches, that i will post in following days. They probably will end into some other painting which i hope will end to be meaningful and make people think.